Barnstorming [Atari 2600]

Barnstorming [Atari 2600]

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision
Release Date: 1982

In Barnstorming, you are the pilot of a biplane. Your point of view is from the side as the screen scrolls by horizontally. Your goal is to fly through a set number of barns in the shortest amount of time possible. Several obstacles will appear in your way, including flocks of geese, windmills, and weather vanes. Crashing into any of these will cause you to lose speed which will increase your overall time. There are several difficulty levels included which will require that you fly through anywhere from 10 to 25 barns.

Steve Cartwright was inspired to program Barnstorming during his first week at Activision when he was driving home and saw a biplane pulling a banner advertisement. With that image in mind, he created the horizontally scrolling game that came to be called Barnstorming. The game is notable as being the first Activision game with a sunset in the horizon. At the time, the sunset effect was an impressive feat on the Atari 2600, as it was difficult to map all the colors on the screen at the same time due to the limited memory of the system. The effect was so popular that other programmers reused the code in other Activision games.

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